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4 Nanostation loco 2 configuration HELP

Hello there,
I need a little bit help with my configuration of 4 Nanostations loco 2.
Nanostation A = Main one is gets internet from Apple Airport extreme 5th generation, and transmits internet to station B and C
Nanostation B = Receives internet from A and need to transmit to D simultaneously
Nanostation C = Receives internet from A
Nanostation D = Need to receive internet from B.
Distance from point A to B = 300 meters
Distance from point A to C = 500 meters
Distance from point B to D = 400 meters
Now i need to setup Nanostation B so it can receive internet from Nanostation A and also at the same time transmit (sent) internet to D.
Please help.
Thank you
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Re: 4 Nanostation loco 2 configuration HELP

A = AP WDS - Bridge - set Mac adr. of B in A

B = AP WDS - Bridge - set Mac adr. of A in B - same SSID as A - same channel as A

C = Station WDS - Bridge

D = Station WDS - Bridge


Keep in mind that D receives half the speed because you are repeating the signal.