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Load Balancing Feature request

A nice feature to have would be to be able able to connect two WAN connections(PPPoE) and have the router load balance between them. Using ports 0 and 1 for WAN and 2 for the linkup to my switch.

Since the only internet I can get at my house is a very slow aDSL@1.5MBit/s, I load balance between the one at my house and the one at my neighbors house. With the performance of this router and the ability to load balance it would easily blow everything else even close to it in price out of the water! Even if it is only made available to the EdgeRouter or EdgeRouter Pro and not the Lite, I could see this being a perfect investment.

On a side note to anyone who reads this, my TP-Link TL-R470T+ it an absolute disaster. I do have two high end consumer routers(ASUS RU-N56U and a D-Link DLG-4500). I would love to figure out a way to use those two and load balance between them as gateways, any recommendations on how to achieve this? I can put a VM up on my XenServer to host software if that is what is required. Its either that, or wait for EdgeRouters to support Load Balancing, or spend a lotmore on a Cisco router... =/
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Re: Load Balancing Feature request

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Re: Load Balancing Feature request

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Re: Load Balancing Feature request

I want the same thing; the EdgeRouter (all models) can do this, apparently:

EdgeMAX - Policy-based routing with WAN load-balancing