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I have four nanastation2's. 1 at residence pointing to light pole 700 feet away, 2nd attached to the pole with a web server and a camera on it.
The second set is on a 2nd pole pointing to a deferent residence a block away pointed at another residence. At both residences are a Computer-DVR's recording the cameras from the web servers. All unit are available on the internet and work great.
I have never worked with any type of wireless except routers and expanders and this connection was easy to accomplish for a newby like myself.
Clients are impressed and now they want both cameras point to one location. It is a gated community and they are tired of moving equipment when elections change authority.
This is what they want. The north pole camera to go to the south gate into a box and record both cameras on 1 DVR. Line of site is an issue but I have a pole in the middle of block that I can bounce off to redirect location.
This is the question. I already have four devices and I am quessing I have the wireless part taken care of. The pole in the middle is where I need help with. How can I utilize 2 of the ap's to bend the signal?

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Re: Nanostation2


For this type of setup you will need to use the universal repeater setup. More information on this setup can be found at