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How to use BDI3000 to write flash

Hi there,

We are new to Ubiquiti. We got a BDI3000 to connect the RouterStation. While we have no idea to rewrite the flash through BDI3000 as the flash is serial flash used on RouterStation. Any advices on how to rewrite the flash no routerstation?

Thanks in advance for the replys
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Re: How to use BDI3000 to write flash

BDI3000 does not contain support for SPI-based flash. You need to write and load a program that includes an AR71xx SPI driver and code to copy your new boot loader from RAM into SPI flash. If you have not destroyed our boot loader yet, you can use it for this purpose...once. I don't suggest you rewrite the first three flash blocks without having an SPI flash writing utility.