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Firewall - ports to open


Our unifi controller is installed on a Windows 7 machine, at the moment I have disabled the firewall on the Windows 7 and also configured our network firewall to allow everything to the Windows 7 machine (don't worry this is just a test environment).

Now the time is nearing where we are thinking of moving to production, what ports do we need to open up on our firewall to make this work?

Note: Our unifi controller is on the same VLAN as the APs.
Also, one SSID uses the guest portal, this uses a commercial ISP outside our network and once client connect it can only talk to the unifi controller (in guest portal mode) through it's public IP which initially we had trouble because we didn't allow the controller's public IP on the guest portal's allowed subnets! Man Wink

Please advise. Thanks!

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Re: Firewall - ports to open

from the FAQ:
Open the config file listed and all the ports required are there.