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UniFi "Adoption Failed"

I purchased three UniFi access points and setup a server running the UniFi software. I last had the AP connected using 2.1 Beta. I have since tried a 2.2 controller with no luck. One of the units is stuck in an amber light state and when I attempt to adopt I get the "Adoption Failed" error every time.
I have reset the unit using the button multiple times. The unit shows as having the IP of in the controller and discovery tool. I moved it to a new router and different controller and I get the same results. I have setup a LAN on a router in the 192.168.1.x subnet and attempted to SSH into the AP with no luck.
It appears that the device asks for a DHCP address but will not adopt it. My router is indicating an offered an IP to its MAC address but it never binds. I can also see UDP traffic from to
Any ideas?
UPDATED: UBNT support has asked me to RMA the unit.