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5GHz AC Channel Query re: HT80 - UK

Tried to make the subject as relevant as possible!

After reading up some more on 802.11ac today I discovered that to use 80MHz channels in the UK (or Europe) I should be looking at spacing ac units four channels apart to ensure that two APs that can see each other don't clash. At the moment I am only evaluating two APs so channel planning is not as big an issue as it will be in a proper network. However, from my list of available channels I have only 36-48 from which to choose. 

If I select 36 with HT80 on one AP and 48 with HT80 on the other, won't each AP be able to see the other via channel 48?

The country code has been correctly set to the UK in the site settings.

Am I misunderstanding something or is there something wrong here?




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Re: 5GHz AC Channel Query re: HT80 - UK

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That is not a bug. The use of DFS channels on UAP-AC is currently not allowed. We are working with the appropriate regulatory domains (FCC, ETSI) to allow the use of DFS channels on the UAP-AC. Once it passes you will be able to use the remainder of band A and B. 

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