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FCC Location registrations for PBM365

Anyone successfully register a location yet with the FCC for the Powerbridge M365 radio?

I have registered 2 locations just about a week ago and the status has not changed. What scares me is that I can see tons of pending registrations just sitting there for months and months unchanged as if they are in limbo.

I know guys have been waiting months for registrations yet nobody seems to know what stalls the process.
It would be nice if the FCC would inform us of something during the process.

I followed the example registration exactly while using the antenna specs for the powerbridge 20db, 13.5 degree antenna.

Any info would be appreciated.
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Re: FCC Location registrations for PBM365

Send them (FCC) a polite email asking. It helped me get through the next day (after a month of waiting). I'm sure they are getting hammered by these applications though.
Yep, that can happen