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How to configure Access point with bullet 2M HP?

Hi, I'm new in this forum and I recently start knowing and purchasing ubiquiti products with gives me a reliable and professional solutions.

Recently y purchase a two bullet M2 HP for a point to point link, but while I install them, I'm doing some trainning for further installations and I tried to set one of them as an access point with no success. Whend I select the network I configure, the association with my laptop is ok, but no internet access, not even access to the configuration page of the bullet. If a try to make a ping to the bullet or other hard in the net, I have a response of "hardware error".

I have been following the steps in the wiki without success.

Anybody knows why and how to resolve?

Thans in advance and sorry for my english.
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Re: How to configure Access point with bullet 2M HP?

Hi again!

There was AirOs 5.0.2 in my bullets, but now I upgrade to 5.1.2 and the link with my laptop works fine.

I'll still testing differents configs and I'll give my experience.

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AirOS Wireless Repeater/Network Extender Configuration

As I dont know about Installation I want to ask for help.
I have 2 Ubiquiti Bullet M2 High Power N Technology and I have configered it with the Manual with 2 Omni 2,4 Ghz Antennas. Unfortunately I didnt receive internet. I just want to ask if someone can help me to configure the 2 Ubiquiti with WDS Repeater or someone knows where I can find more details.
The Details of my products>
2 BULLET M2 Hi Power Airmax 1000 mw B, G and N Technology
2 Omni Antennas 2,4 Ghz

Hope that someone can help me,
many greetings
Panos from Greece