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AirFiber UK

Hi all, can anyone tell me if they have used AirFiber in the UK and what distance/speed they have managed to get with (or maybe without) sticking to the ofcom regulation?


I want to deploy these in a rural location but needed to understand what speeds are reasonable or with the restriction should I just stick with powerbridge?


Thanks to all

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Re: AirFiber UK

At legal UK power, at 2.7KM this is what we get on our network.
Distance: 2,746 m (9,009 ft)
TX Capacity: 743,194,880 bps
RX Capacity: 743,361,280 bps
First airFiber link up today... we're loving it! Beats our old RocketDish that we had running about 20Mb :-)
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Re: AirFiber UK

Sweet. Couldn't agree with you more.