airMAX - What is airMAX Priority?

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airMAX Priority is a setting which can be changed on station devices in an airMAX network. This option can be found on the airMAX logo tab.

It defines the number of time slots (or amount of airtime) assigned to each client. By default the AP gives all active clients the same amount of time. However, if the clients are configured with different priorities, the AP will give clients more or less time, depending on the priority. For the best performance, an airMAX network whose clients have the best signals should receive the higher priorities, while clients with poorer signals should have less/no priority.

Note: airMAX Priority only functions when multiple clients have it enabled.

airMAX Priority options include:

  • -  High 4 time slots (4:1 ratio)

  • -  Medium 3 time slots (3:1 ratio)

  • -  Low 2 time slots (2:1 ratio)

  • -  None 1 time slot (Default setting for clients; 1:1 ratio) 

Clients with a higher priority have access to more of the AP’s airtime, providing higher possible throughput and lower latency when sharing with other active clients.

For example, if there are 3 clients, 1 set to None, 1 set to Medium, and 1 set to High, the None client will get 1 time slot, the Medium client will get 3 time slots, and the High client will get 4 time slots. 


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