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Ping Watchdog

I had an M5/Rocket Dish PtP backhaul radio "freeze up" last week. It wouldn't sync up with the other radio/AP on the other side of the link. I drove out to the tower, got right in with a browser, and made a change to troubleshoot, it sync'd right up. Down about an hour, but easy to fix.

Ping Watchdog would have helped me out with this. Does everyone else use Ping Watchdog on PtP links? Or does it cause more problems than it fixes?
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Re: Ping Watchdog

I use the watchdog on all CPE's and AP's. CPE's to the gateway, AP's to their gateway. PTP's from our office are pinging the other end's IP, link goes down, 90 seconds later it reboots. Seems to work well.
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