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Bulletm: unable to access


We just purchased the airmax bulletm, an everything seems setup

The laptop can access the 192.168.1.x network on the netgear router.

The bulletm is on, connected to the poe and the poe plugged into the netgear.

Laptop is plugged into netgear and is detected by the netgear.

But not the bulletm and I can't ping it either.

Why do you think that is?

Does the Poe to netgear need to be a crossover cable?

My network settings on laptop are: is ip
255 255 255 0 subnet
Gateway (and I've tried .20)

And I get no results.

This product looks great and any assistance would be appreciated!!!
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Re: Bulletm: unable to access

if you have a link light you won't need a crossover cable, in fact netgear swtiches typically auto sense.

I would plug directly into the bullet to a laptop and see if you can access it, my guess is you will be able to and there is something wrong with the way you are plugging everything in.

if you are trying to access the bullet from a different network, (routed through the netgear) then the reason you can't access it is becuase the default gateway on the bullet is not its
Dallas Gray
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Re: Bulletm: unable to access

via the poe or the unit itself try factory defaults, straight cable.