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Congrats to eejimm for 10,000 kudos

We have another community member that has earned 10,000 kudos on the forum!



Congrats @eejimm   Cheers2


It take a lot of work, knowledge, experience and dedication to earn 10,000 kudos. 

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Re: Congrats to eejimm for 10,000 kudos

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Congrats Jim Cheers2

10K, that's a long run

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Re: Congrats to eejimm for 10,000 kudos

Thanks for that - I hadn't actually seen the number recently.   Just trying to help where I can, like everyone else here.


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Re: Congrats to eejimm for 10,000 kudos

If you're measuring SNR, then you are way ahead of me.  How about getting ahead of me on solutions?  (Where's that dropping gauntlet emoticon when you need it?)

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Re: Congrats to eejimm for 10,000 kudos

Well done @eejimm!
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Re: Congrats to eejimm for 10,000 kudos

More than a month and 269 kudos later ...but meh...had to also jump in and congratulate @eejimm! That's awesome!

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