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Support poll

So I have personally experienced a myriad of unanswered, hours old etc times from unifi. Lately within the past few months the support for these products has either 

A) changed majorly (outsourced?)

B) suffered a terrible tragedy, only 2 employees left, they share a '98 thinkpad that has been dropped A LOT.

C) is some sort of "suggestion box" type format; replies are not expected anymore


Like I dont even know, I know it's not just me as I see lots of posts about it but unifi always gives a cuffed answer that is a reply but not acknowledging the issues presented. Its absolutely terrible in comparison to how it was when I started using the products religiously. It would be appropriate for UNBT to give some more information on some staffing shortage or at least some plausible reason with an outline of what's being done to correct it, but I'd love to know:


Who here is still reccomendeding unifi products to clients etc. ? Lately I feel that not even the products are good enough to go through the total lack of support.