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Unable to access support article

I am attempting to access a URL on the support site that contains instructions for Upgrading a Unifi Controller running on Debian/Ubuntu - the url I am using (and have successfully accessed in the past) is no longer is working.


This is the URL: https://help.ubnt.com/hc/en-us/articles/220066768-UniFi-How-to-Install-Update-via-APT-on-Debian-or-U...

I'm prompted to authenticate/login, which I do successfully, but then get the error:



You're not authorized to access this page


For what it's worth I've tried clearing my cache/cookies, incognito browsing, and even tried using Chrome on my Android phone and I get the same error. The support chat rep couldn't reproduce it on her end. I am logging in via Charter Spectrum from the Northeastern US, and know about the Level 3 issues yesterday, so I have no idea if this is bizarrely related but thought I'd mention it.


(She kindly provided me with a PDF of the support article in the meantime)