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vBulletin sucks

I'm beginning to hate coming to these forums because of issues with vBulletin.

1) the forum only shows posts that are new since my LAST visit. That could be good or bad, but quite often I only have a few minutes to follow a few areas and I want to come back later and see what else was posted that I didn't get a chance to look at. If I leave and come back a little later, all of the topics that were previously shown as having new posts are marked as read and I can only see what is new since that last visit.

2) Even if #1 above is the preferred method, the timeout is WAY too low. If I'm reading a long thread and then click back to the forums again, all of them are marked as read again. I think the inactivity counter is only 5 or 10 minutes. I think it should be at least an hour, if not a day, or a week....

3) If I read all the topics in a forum, and then go back to the main page, it still shows there are new posts, even though when I click on it, it shows they are all read. I end up having to choose "mark all topics read" and then refresh, then go to the parent category, refresh AGAIN, and then go to the main page and do yet another refresh.

Just little annoyances like that make me not want to even use the forums.
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Re: vBulletin sucks

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