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Toughswitch 8 XP Commands


I have a few ES8xp's and we are changing our IP schema and need to remotly change the IP address/gateway as well as the Management Vlan.

As the network and vlans are on differnt screens i cannt do this remotly as i lose connection when i change one of them.

Is it possible to do this using SSH commands ?
Im open to suggestions other than going to the unit itself




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Re: Toughswitch 8 XP Commands

Can you add the new VLAN without removing the old one (eg, with one or both of the VLANs being tagged), then change the management VLAN, then finally remove the old VLAN.

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Re: Toughswitch 8 XP Commands

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You can change the br0 address/routes with the ifconfig and route statements, but your changes will be lost on a reboot and you run the risk of locking yourself out the device. Is it an option for you to port-forward your web management traffic to the ES-8XP switches and then make the changes via the GUI?



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