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Toughswitch Management Interface no longer reachable [TS8-Pro]

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We are experiencing problems with the toughswitches (TS8-Pro).



We have entire network online and very responsive, our ring is built with 12 TS8 switches and airfibers as backbone. After live we see the RSTP doing his work correctly and block the path we expect. Within 24 hours we started seeing the management interface of several switches going down. The strange thing is that the switches still provided PoE and that devices behind the ports were still reachable. The switch itself doesn’t respond to ping or broadcasts it’s mac address (ARP)


We have prioritized and given path costs, but this has not given us a working situation. Since some switches are completely gone from the network (including mac address). The only way to get them back is a power cycle of the switch.


Has anyone has experience with large RSTP networks and successfully deployed this?