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Bullet 2 Ethernet Jack not "clicking in"

Hi our last box of 25 Bullet 2's from Streakwave is having some where the cat-5 plug doesn't "snap" into the jack. I'm worried that over time it will just work itself out. I've re-made the ends, and no matter what it will not lock itself into the jack. Its just on a few of them so far, hopefully not many more.

Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions other than taping it?
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Re: Bullet 2 Ethernet Jack not "clicking in"

I have seen some unknown lineage modular RJ-1 connectors that simply did not snap into a modular phone jack . Using a name brand jack worked.

Try using a commercially made patch cord and see if that works better. If if does, change the brand of jacks you use.
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Re: Bullet 2 Ethernet Jack not "clicking in"

Hi Wispwest -

This is a new one we have not heard about.

Is it possible to send us a photo offline to support@ubnt.com?

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Re: Bullet 2 Ethernet Jack not "clicking in"

FWIW, I've had this problem intermittently over the years with various jacks and cords. In all cases, I was able to pry the locking tab up so it had a bit more urge to engage, and it began happily doing so.

Except once or twice I think I broke the tabs in the process and had to reconnectorize the cables. But yeah, you know what I'm saying.

If all else fails, wedge a tiny straightblade screwdriver between the tab and plug body after insertion, to shove the tab up into the recess. Not optimal, but better than taping it!