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Gacking (generator hacking pronounced jacking)

I know I'm not the only one out there with a ton of square pegs and a variety of round holes to try to fit.

My current challenge is mountaintop sites that almost but don't fit small standby generators like this

At 8000 watts it is overkill on the 100 or 200 watt loads that I run, at 5 pounds of fuel per hour at (near) idle you get almost a day out of a 100 pound tank.  Is wasting a bit of fuel a huge problem ?  No, but delivering it would be painful or expensive or both.

Plan B is to have a good battery bank and heavy charger(s) to bank power from the generator.  By pushing its duty cycle down to 1 hour in 10 I could get 8 (!) days of runtime out of a single 100 pound tank.

But now I need some way to trick it into running when I want it to.  The Champion unit above has no network connectivity and apparently tightly integrated control modules which would make much harder to replace a switch with something remote operable.

Another nice one is this

which has some network (LAN !) control but still is outside its "normal" operation to start/stop on demand, I think.

I do not want to butcher up a portable generator, I have done this, it works, and if there is ever a fire the insurance companies would howl with laughter, its picture would appear on bulletin boards and be circulated as a cautionary tale.


So I ask, what have you got that is :

  1. reliable
  2. safe
  3. affordable
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Re: Gacking (generator hacking pronounced jacking)


Genmon will work with the newer-generation Generac units, at least. We have an 8kw at at tower site. I don't deal with it as much as others, but he's got it where it's sending alert emails on status chagnes and I can remote start/stop the unit via HTTPS.

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Re: Gacking (generator hacking pronounced jacking)

@ryanmsweeeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeet no need to reinvent the wheel Icon Biggrin  I'd mark your answer as the solution, but I'm hoping for even more feedback.

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Re: Gacking (generator hacking pronounced jacking)

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Genmon will talk to the proprietary Generac autostart?  Cool.


Last time I looked into this (January 2017), the small Kohler home backup model still had two-wire autostart.  That makes it really simple -- just close a contact and let 'er rip.


If you want to add autostart to a basic electric-start genny, this will get the job done for under $200.

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Re: Gacking (generator hacking pronounced jacking)

I am a big Honda generator fan. If only they would make the 1000 and 2000-Watt models electric start they would be perfect. For safety of not storing (or aged) gas I have converted to propane 2 Honda 2000s that can be paralleled. I could have sourced out all the individual parts, but or a little extra I just got 2 of this kit.  

After some fine tuning the generator after sitting for 6 months will start on 1 pull!


Find an electric start kit for either the 1000s or 2000s for the perfect size generator for a WISP and we will beat path to that door.



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