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ISP vs 5G

Just a general question. Should I invest in a wireless solution for our surounding rual community of will 5G make us out of date.

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Re: ISP vs 5G

If I understand correctly, in order to get the advantages of 5G one must be within 100 feet of a tower. 

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Re: ISP vs 5G

Maybe the Business section woul be more appropriate than the UNMS section for this question:



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Re: ISP vs 5G

All speculation but I'd say in many places it will be a long time before you face real competition from 5G.  You will also eventually face competition from micro satellite technology as well.  And other point to point mesh technology.  


Do you have good 4G/LTE coverage now?  If not the cost of installing 5G will be notably higher for the carrier (tower infrastructure and broadband access are probably lacking).


Solution: depreciate the cost of your infrastructure aggressively and price your plans accordingly to maintain margin.  Since you are rural you probably wont have much competition in the near term.  Then you'll be able to reduce prices as new competition comes online.  

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Re: ISP vs 5G

As I've been saying for years now, 5G is all marketing hype at the moment.   The most recent leaked Verizon tests were abysmal - in a suburban area they could only reach 27 homes per micro-cell.  Nobody has yet figured out the hand-problem - when you hold a smartphone to your ear, your hand blocks the mm wave 5G signal almost entirely.    The carriers are re-thinking the whole 5G thing  internally, but you won't hear them say that - too much is riding on presenting the "next big thing" to the market and Wall Street even if it's not real for 99% of the country...


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