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Need capture portal software / service advice

Large bar / restaraunt / nightclub I set up a Ubiquiti wi-fi network up at is asking me for help in finding a solid 'backend' service to support their capture portal. Basically they want to go beyond the basic splash page and do customer analytics, track returning customers, etc. Problem is I know little about this side of the equation other than a basic splash page.


Checking google I see plenty of companies that do this, but they all want to either take over your internet but also sell you AP's, Firewalls, and otherwise get invasive as hell. We do not want this. We are also not going to hire an onsite developer.


Advice appreciated.

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Re: Need capture portal software / service advice

@wseaton Depends on what your client is actually looking for in regard to analytics and whether you are looking for a solution which doesn’t require additional hardware. There are a few full-UniFi solutions available but all with different features and focus.


My company offers a service which includes a custom captive portal and dashboard with additional client analytics. Feel free to drop me an email for more details: erik ATT artofwifi DOTT net

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Re: Need capture portal software / service advice

Please check out www.liquidedge.io we also provide automatic setup for Unifi sites. Drop me a line if you are interested.