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Possible Partnership to Design and Deploy Large-Scale Outdoor Industrial WiFi Network

I am a Network Technician for an Engineering and Consulting firm and we have a Government client that has asked us to provide a solution for replacing one of their old public safety systems.  We generally design projects for Intelligent Transportation Systems, which include a lot of traditional Ethernet, but we do not have much experience with wireless, especially on the scale of what this system will require.


We are looking to possibly partner with someone who can assist us in designing and deploying an outdoor wireless network consisting of a minimum of 105 radios over a 25-mile stretch of roadway. We would like to use Ubiquiti radios. It is a harsh environment consisting of hot summers, humidity, wind, vibration, fog, salt in the air, insects, and we are susceptible to yearly hurricanes or tropical storms.  For various reasons, I cannot disclose too many details of the project in this forum, but I'm hoping to locate some qualified companies who would be interested and let's see what we can work out.


There are a few things I can disclose. The client already has a solid, fully-routed network in place with 1Gbps access out to the edges and there are multiple locations at which we could interface with the wireless infrastructure.  The client also owns 144 strands of fiber along the entire roadway. Each location requiring a radio already has a solar charging system, battery array, equipment enclosures, and a pole for mounting radios, antenna, etc. The radios will need an available Ethernet port for connecting a local PLC.  The client has two 110-foot towers available, although we would prefer they be a last resort since we will be building relatively short point-to-point links.  If we deployed a dual band system, the longest shot at 5GHz would be 4 miles and the longest shot at 2.4GHz would be 0.6 miles. We like the idea of building a mesh network on the 2.4GHz band, but it is not a requirement.


To satisfy the requirements of the project we actually don't need much bandwidth at all; however, we believe it is entirely possible to achieve a minimum of Wireless-G speeds at any point along the 25-mile roadway and we will most certainly extend the system's functionality over time.  Who knows? Maybe Wireless-N speeds are possible, but we do not have the expertise to make that determination.  We are not interested in providing wifi to the public, but we would like to have the option of offering it to police, first responders, motorist assistance, maintenance and administrative personnel.


Ultimately we would like to have someone that could perform the site survey, recommend equipment, provide plan sets and specifications and most likely deploy a basic proof of concept at the client's site. We may also need assistance in developing a software system to manage and monitor the wireless network.


Anyone interested?

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Re: Possible Partnership to Design and Deploy Large-Scale Outdoor Industrial WiFi Network

Feel free to shoot us an email. We design and build networks for goverment entites regularly. 

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