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Rural AP



I am in process WISP in my area. My area rural is hard all buildings are built on hills and between them the population in the summer about 10000 in the winter around 5000, I have scanned the area topology and spotted about 9 points that will cover wanted area, the distance between the 2 farthest points is 3.6 KM (line of sight), the size of the covered area is about 6 KM


My project is provide internet to mobiles/cell phones as well as to homes, my question is rural AP will be sufficient for my project?




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Re: Rural AP

Sorry, but you are mixing together two very different services.

A WISP uses radio links to connect to fixed places, such

as homes; each home has a fixed radio on the outside.


Smartphones can use either WiFi or cellphone signals for

Internet. WiFi is very short range--50 to 100m, and cellphone

signals are from complex, expensive equipment in licensed

bands. I suggest you study this more deeply.  Dave

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Re: Rural AP

Sounds lke you want to offer "wifi" access to handheld devices.

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