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UBNT gear in Mexico?

Hey All,


I am looking at bidding a project for an American customer with properties  in Mexico. I will either have to buy from a US distributor and deal with import customs/duty when I take it into Mexico or find a distributer in Mexico.


I suspect it would be less expensive to deal with customs myself but would be MUCH easier to buy equipment allready "in country".


Can you recommend distributers preferebly in Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta or Gaudalajara?


Have any of you had first hand experience importing gear into Mexico?







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Re: UBNT gear in Mexico?



We are Ubiquiti and RF Armor Master Reseller, please take a look at our website:


Kind regards,


Jesus Moreno.

Landatel de Mexico

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Re: UBNT gear in Mexico?


Hello.  The above post might help and on the main site, you can find other distribuitors in Mexico

Its a strong brand we buy a lot of radios from UBNT 


After you finish your install, you might need service on this networks

We are a MSP, and IT Integrator, we have our own airplane and can give support to most northern mexico.

Plus we know the carrier´s Smiley Wink tricks and burocratic lubricants.


Let me know if this might be of interest to you or your client.

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Re: UBNT gear in Mexico?

Hi, Im in Puerto Vallarta, I dont sell equipment, but maybe I can help you, fell free to contact.

Muestra tu agradecimiento, a quienes te ayudaron, con un kudo

Si el post de un compañero te ayudó a resolver el problema, márcalo/acéptalo como solución. .

It is good practice to use the correct channel size for your deployment, as your only looking for ~130mbs of throughput, it would be a good idea to move down to a 20mhz channel. This will increase your signal, reduce noise, and provide a better experience.
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Re: UBNT gear in Mexico?

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Re: UBNT gear in Mexico?

Hola Juan,

I'm looking to install a UniFi NVR and several UniFi video cameras at my house in Sayulita. Is this something you do? Please contact me at Thanks,
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Re: UBNT gear in Mexico?


Hello. We sell and install UBNT gear in northern Mexico.

we cater businesses with remote or branch stores around the country. 


If we can’t fit in your budget we might have a local contact to do the labor and we can take care of your system. 


If interested I’ll direct message my USA and Mexico numbers. 


Best wishes


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Re: UBNT gear in Mexico? is a master distributor.  They have a US operation with warehouses in San Diego, El Paso, and Miami.

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Re: UBNT gear in Mexico?

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