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German forum section

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Status: New Idea

Is it possible to create a german section?
Atm it has only a portugese and a spanish section.

Real time chat - Discord

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Status: New Idea

Hello all,


I set up an unnoficial Ubiquiti Discord channel for those that would like to have real time interaction regarding Ubiquiti products. In the two days since I posted it to /r/Ubiquiti, we have a good number of active members. 


If anyone is interested please use the link below to join.


Thank you,


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It would be awesome to see some form of WoL implemented to wake clients on the LAN side via the controller/USG.


I have been working for days to figure out how to get a working solution to accomplish waking clients on the LAN from the WAN side. That feature I believe would be a selling point for some people considering no other companies offer it.


Edit: Clarity of request

Add Tapatalk Support

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Add Tapatalk support for mobile access to the Ubiquiti community

Community page load times vary between 4 and 13 seconds: way faster loading of community web pages

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Status: New Idea

Having a relative new notebook with Intel Core i5 processor (passmark average CPU mark of 2131), running Firefox 48.0.1 on a 25/2.6 Mbps ADSL connection in The Netherlands results in web page loading times on of :


fastest: 4 seconds

average: 8 seconds

slowest: 13 seconds


Epecially when editing a page, load times are over 10 seconds (with 238+ requests to fetch). These utterly slow response time make me less appreciate products.


Please trade in for something much more responsive/rapid (time is money).


When the access points would perform as slow as this community, Ubiquiti wouldn't sell many units.

Fix the Community "Home" Button to link to correct homepage

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Status: New Idea



If someone clicks on the upper portion above "Home" (see upper red arrow) it goes to I believe it should go to instead. If you click in the same lateral plane area for "Forums" or "Stories" it goes to the correct website. The lower portion of the "Home" button works as intended (I believe as intended).

Less bright

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Status: Implemented

If there were different themes users could choose, that would be great. I would love a darker theme because this all white stuff is killing my eyes.

Change the way quoting happens.

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Status: Implemented

I find the horizontal lines being used for quoting to be extremely difficult to follow -- especially if there are several layers of quotes being done.


Then, there is the horizontal line for the signature.  I find it very hard to distinguish what is what in a post.  Something along the lines of the vBulletin system where the quote was contained in a box would be very helpful.

Can we have an "mFi feature request" page

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Status: New Idea

Now that Airvision has a feature request page I think mFi could use one as well!

Any suggestions that have been made on the regular mFi forum have been buried with trouble shooting and un-answered questions. 

UBNT team keeping track of ideas section? Tracking needs improved

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Status: Accepted
The ideas section seems to be ignored but the UBNT team I have found lots of posts that where old ideas and already implemented after the post but they never got marked as accepted or complete just left as an open thread and none of the posts are getting any reply from the UBNT team exept for James and all his pots are blank now so I have no idea what he said

The ideas section is grate but idea tracking needs improved

And why are pages 4 and 5 missing from the Airmax idea section?

Inline spell checker in rich text editor

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Please either remove the rich text editor, or enable the in-line browser spell checker in it.

Right now I have to press the "SpellCheck" button to get my post spell checked -- yet again, too many clicks for something that should be simple.

add support for adding attachments to PMs

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Often people don't want to post their config publicly on the forum so I ask them to PM it to me.  When trying to cut-n-paste several hundred lines of config it's a mess and the formatting gets wonky.  It would be nice if they could just attach a file to the PM.

Please bring back location information under avatar.

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Status: New Idea

Please bring back location information under avatar. It comes in real handy when trying to point first time users to posters who are more experienced in a location area.

Why Do I Post Ten Percent Less Now

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Status: Invalid

My list of reasons is longer than Elizabeth Barrett Browning's list of "Let Me count the Ways I Love You". (For those of you from Rio Linda or Dade County, I'm Referring to Sonnet Number 43 from "Sonnets from the Portuguese", 1853)


#1 - Inconsistent navigation across the forum pages.

The old forum had a tool bar with the most used links. Now I have to go back to main page to select "read new posts" or "mark as read".

Solved - Nevermind, I see it now as a forum option.


#2 - Text editor defaults to HTML mode and line spacing is lost.

I think this might be a User Settings option, but by golly..from the Main Page I have no clue where to start looking for User Settings.

Just get ride of the HTML editor, the old forum was usable.


#3 - HIDE THE FRIGGIN' EMAIL of the users.

This is a requirement. Not an option.


#4 - On the Main Page, get ride of the space wasting grey bar on left that is filled with useless and non-rpductive information. Do we really need Top Kudoed AuthorsTop Kudoed Posts, Top Tags, Users Online? All that can be in a tool bar along the top.


#5 - Bring back the "Unread Posts" option which was REALLY A LIST OF TOPICS containing unread posts.

Now I have to wade through pages of literally every new post.


#6 - Show how many pages of unread topics.

In the old forum there was usually one page, sometimes two, and if I haven't been online all day perhaps three the next morning.
 As it is now, I have no clue how much time I'll be wasting muching through the posts.


#7 - Fix the preview.

A few mihnutes ago, my preview showed how my post would look, suddenly it's an HTML format.

Ohhhh...Now it says at bottom of the editor,

"Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied."

How about get rid of the **bleep** HTML editor instead.


Well...I'm going to stop now because I have no frigging clue how the format of my post will get borked up.




#8 -



Move "Quick Links" to top.

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Status: Implemented

Having "Quick links" at top right above "Top Kudoed Authors", would make tasks like "Unread Posts" more visible.



Email notifications

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Making the "subscriptions" default be no email notifications would be great.

Reply button

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Status: Implemented

Add a "reply" button at the bottom of threads

Change "Community" to "Settings"

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Status: Implemented
When you click the user picture pulldown in the top right there is a section called "Community" with a gear. It should properly be named "Settings".

My subscriptions needs to list by newest thread update, not time of subscription

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Status: Implemented
I've only got about 8 subscriptions right now, but I already see a problem developing.

The subscription list is static. That is, the list is displayed with the oldest subscription first and the newest at the bottom - regardless of when each thread was actually updated!!!! This is going to become unusable after I get 20 or 30 subscriptions in there.

New posts link

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Status: Implemented

Add a "new posts" link at the top of every page. (this was nice on the old forum because I didn't have to click a bunch to go back to the new posts)