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48 Port SFP Switch

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Status: New Idea

It's nice to have the ES-12f, but for active fiber installs, it would be great if there were versions of the higher density switches (Primarily the 48 port) that were all SFP(With 4 SFP+ uplink ports).  Call it the ES-48f?


We have a number of locations that would benefit from a device like this.

on ‎05-05-2017 01:43 AM

ES-48f is not avavilable at Ubnt networks. But US-48 is optional. Or you can take a look at Cisco 2960, it is quite reliable and trouble free.

on ‎05-13-2017 12:08 AM

Yeah, that's exactly what I'm talking about. It would be a great addition to the lineup...