Add dynamic dns support to EdgeMax

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I have been trying to use the custom service to be able to setup dynamic dns support and cannot get it working.  After a lot of research it just seems like Ubiquiti will need to build a custom profile (protocol) option to support this. employ's the ability to enable dynamic dns updates on a record-by-record case.  When you select their "enable dynamic dns" checkbox on the "A" record they then generate a "Dynamic DNS ID" which is a unique string of numbers that map to the "A" record and then you can add an optional password (which is a dns record-level password rather than full account level password for all domains under the account.


I have found on the web where somone built a python script to do this on the edgemax but I think it would be great if Ubiquity could add this to the list of supported services in the GUI.


This can easily be done by looking at the following python script that was written as a dynamic dns client to  --->> Here  


And from the GUI standpoint here are the four fields that need to be user configurable:


This is from the python settings.json.sample


	"USERNAME": "your_username", 
	"PASSWORD": "dns_record_password", //this is the record level password
	"RECORD_ID": "dns_record_id",  //this is the text string they generate to map to the actual dns record.



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Also, here is documentation for creating a dynamic dns cliet.


Look under the section "Documentation"

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I would love this support as well. In all honesty, i dont get why they cant simply just have a custom option where we just supply a server, username, password, and the variable name for the ip address.


EDIT: oops, forgot they need a record id too. hmm.

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You can use dnsomatic to update dnsmadeeasy.

dnsomatic is supported - see here:


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I installed python-setuptools and used You can't configure via GUI, but it works well for me.