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Boot to alternate image using HW reset button

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Status: New Idea

Is it possible to change the HW reset button function such as


  1. Push-hold 1-5 seconds - reboot
  2. Push-hold 5-10 seconds - boot to alternate (2nd/previous) image (if exists of course) <- NEW FUNCTIONALITY
  3. Push-hold 10+ seconds - wipe/restore config.boot (same functionality as today)

I'd like to see this especially on ER models that don't have HW console port i.e. ER-X, ER-X-SFP and similar.


This will help with recovery of botched configs. Instead of resetting config.boot to defaults and restoring backup and/or previous image this will speed up things significantly. Especially on remote locations one can instruct local staff to hold the button for 5-6 seconds and get the router to previous state in no time.

on ‎04-07-2017 07:57 AM

I think that is an excellent idea BranoB, hopefully Ubiquiti will consier implementing.

on ‎04-09-2017 04:07 AM

Excellent idea !!!