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Config Backup via SSH

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Hi it would be nice, if a config-backup via SSH could be implemented, so that one can simply run


ssh ubnt@edgeswitch 'show running-config" > file_on_local_machine.bck


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on ‎09-14-2017 06:40 AM

You already can.


ssh-copy-id to the EdgeRouter, then scp /config/* to whereever you want to back it up to.


PRoblem is, the SSH keys are NOT saved after a reboot/upgrade and you have to re-do the ssh-copy-id to the EdgeRouter if it's rebooted.



on ‎09-14-2017 07:10 AM

This request is for an EdgeSwitch, not an EdgeRouter.  The two are completly different.


On the ES, view access to the running configuration is a privileged operation requiring an interactive escalation to an 'enable' prompt making a non-interactive operation such as is requested difficult or even not possible.


Not to detract from the suggestion (a more direct backup would be appreciated), this is currently achievable without interaction - it just requires a workaround.  I use ruby with net-ssh to automate config backups and for our Edgeswitches I simply pre-fix something like "enable\n#{@enable_pw}" - works pretty well.


Being able to use SSH in a consistent manner for all EdgeMax devices would be appreciated though - particularly coupled with SSH key suppport so we can stop using plain text passwords.


Such a solution is not removing the interaction - it is simply automating it from the client side.  Similar may be done using 'expect' or similar functionaity avaiable with/for most RTEs in use today.  Jsh is commonly used for this in a more-secure fashion.


Tools such as rancid do similar.  That doesn't solve the simple case of a non-interactive copy