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EdgeRouter 12 EdgeOS - Create VLANs not assigned to a single interface

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I only own an EdgeRouter 6P and not an EdgeRouter 12. I have tested creating a VLAN and not assigning it to a single interface on the EdgeRouter 6P with the latest firmware and it is not possible through the GUI. 


Does anyone know if you are able to create VLANs on the EdgeRouter 12 and not assign them to specific interfaces? Why do I want to be able to create VLANs and not assign them to a specifc interface?


VLAN not on interfaces.PNG

(The Router in this diagram is an EdgeRouter 12)

In the diagram you can see that both of the Switches have trunk links connecting back to the Router for redundancy. Currently you are only able to create VLANs on the EdgeRouter 6P and assign them to a single interface. In this example lets say I created VLANs on the Router and assigned them to eth0. If the link from Switch 1 to eth0 went down then I would of lost all of those VLANs assigned to eth0 as well.


Now lets say that we were able to create VLANs and assign them to all of the interfaces on the Router instead. If the link from Switch 1 to eth0 went down there would be no impact to the VLANs since they would be accessible via eth1 instead.


Does anyone know if ths is possible on the EdgeRouter 12?


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From Ozar.

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You are mixing different networking layers and what you describe is not possible, as you describe it. VLANs are a layer-2 concept while IP and routing are layer-3. It is not possible to have two layer-3 interfaces on the same layer-2 segment with the same IP. That isn't an EdgeRouter limitation, but rather a more general networking constraint. Instead what you want to do is not uncommon and is easily done. This is a configuration item best discussed in the regular forum section (please start a new thread there) but essentially you would have both ports connected to each switch as part of the the ER-12 switch0 and define your VLANs on your switch0 interface. For other routers without a built-in switch you would create a bridge using those two ports then assign the VLANs to the bridge0 interface.


Beware of the loop that is created in your architecture - that can be very bad.  This would be discussed in the new thread you create in the discussion forum.

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Hi Ozar,


It is already possible to add VLAN interfaces (VIFs) to either bridged or switched interfaces on EdgeOS.


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