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EdgeSwitch Full Configuration Integration on UNMS

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Status: New Idea

Good morning!

We're planning to renew our current company network infrastructure soon and we are thinking in mounting Ubiquiti EdgeMAX switches (probably, and more or less, 11 units of ES-48-750W/ES-48-500W and 1 unit of ES-16-XG.

I've been watching your Roadmap of UBNT Device Integration into UNMS, and I could see that on Q4 2017 you're integrating EdgeSwitches, but just for read-only configuration.

I've seen too that you've done the same with airMAX and AirCube, Planning to integrate them with Full Configuration features a few months later.

When will you do the "Full Configuration" Integration of the EdgeSwitches into UNMS?

It would be nice you could do the same Full Configuration Integration with EdgeSwitches as you are planning to do with AirMAX, EdgeRouter, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,