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F2FS filesystem to increase flash reliability

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I am very impressed with my new Edgerouter Lite.

However reading  various posts I am not looking forward to a corrupt flash drive.
Therefor I would like to suggest the F2FS filesystem instead of ext3.
F2FS, short for a "Flash-Friendly File System" probably prolongs the lifetime of the usb drive.
For now I made a dd image over SSH using

'dd if=/dev/sda | ssh username@remote_host dd of=ubnt.dd'.
Just in case.

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on ‎06-05-2017 09:19 PM
actually ext3 is pretty good with flash. f2fs isn't likely a big improvement over ext3 for this use and it's much much better at losing data than ext3. early er-l had crappy flash, newer ones are MUCH better.