MP-BGP Support

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can you please implement MP-BGP suppport? It is aleady implemented in BIRD 2.0.2 and FRR BGP daemon. Is it already planed to implement it in the EdgeOS BGP daemon?



More information about MP-BGP you can find here:





on ‎12-31-2018 04:04 PM

In addition to MP-BGP, I would say just sync up with the FRR Stack and get IS-IS and MPLS Segment Routing taken care of at the same time.

on ‎01-30-2019 10:07 AM

@brantoI use FRR in production and it's pretty great. There's some technical reasons why UBNT wouldn't be able to integrate FRR as it stands now. HOWEVER, the FRR team is diligently working on implementing a YANG-based configuration backend. This would GREATLY simplify the task of replacing their current routing suite with FRR by providing a well-defined, standards-compliant (de-facto) way to interact with it.

Not sure if anyone out there at UBNT is listening to this request, but I'd like to say that the business reasons for continuing to maintain your own proprietary routing suite are quickly disappearing. May I suggest moving over to FRR as well as contributing to the open-source project? Everyone wins.