PoE Device Power Management such as Ping Watch, Scheduled power reboot , PoE schedule, PoE Usage

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Looking for some more advanced features in Edge switch for PoE Managment


■ Powered Device alive check (Ping Watch)
■ Scheduled power reboot
■ PoE schedule
■ PoE usage monitoring

Intelligent Powered Device Alive Check
Configured to monitor connected PD (powered device) status in real time via ping action. Once the PD stops working and responding, the switch will reboot the PoE port power and bring the PD back to work. They will greatly enhance the network reliability through the PoE port resetting the PD’s power source and reducing administrator management burden.

Scheduled Power Reboot
The should allow each of the connected PoE IP cameras or PoE wireless access points to reboot at a specified time each week. Therefore, they will reduce the chance of IP camera or AP crash resulting from buffer overflow.

PoE Schedule for Energy Saving
Under the trend of energy saving worldwide and contributing to environmental protection, the switch should be able to effectively control the power supply besides their capability of giving high watts power. The “PoE schedule” function helps you to enable or disable PoE power feeding for each PoE port during specified time intervals and it is a powerful function to help SMBs or enterprises save power and money. It also increases security by powering off PDs that should not be in use during non-business hours.

PoE Usage Monitoring
Via the power usage chart in the web management interface, the switch shold enable the administrator to monitor the status of the power usage of the connected PDs in real time. Thus, they greatly enhance the management efficiency of the facilities.

on ‎03-26-2018 03:42 AM

Alerting when a port power goes under (or over) a given configurable minimum (or maximum) threshold could IMHO, a welcome addition.

One use case is being alerted when a WiFi AP is unplugged.

on ‎03-26-2018 03:48 AM

Agreed. Email alerts based based on both PoE wattage and voltage thresholds and pings times would be nice.