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Support http as an option for the Edgerouter GUI

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There are numerous threads in the ubnt community related to home or small business users getting security warnings from their browsers or antivirus software due to the self-signed certificate that comes with the router. At least one browser, Microsoft Edge, absolutely refuses such a connection. Perhaps all browsers will prevent such access in the future.

The only posted solution for avoiding such warnings is to install a trusted CA certificate on the Edgerouter.
Unfortunately, this requires you to own, and have control over, a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) accessible on the Internet.  Many small offices and home users do not have this.

There is also the cost of issuing the cert (although letsencrypt.org currently offers limited use free certs.)  Automated support for letsencrypt is another enhancement request, but that would not overcome the FQDN requirement.

Thanks for the consideration.