Upgrade Linux kernel to at least 4.4

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There are a number of requests that depend on having firmware based on a newer Linux kernel. The 3.10 series kernel is already EOL as of Nov. 5, 2017 (a couple of weeks prior to this posting) and not recommended for use by its maintainer, even if it were upgraded to the latest 3.10.108 instead of the current 3.10.14:




As I understand it, there are challenges to upgrading the EdgeOS kernel due to dependencies on the Cavium and MediaTek SDKs, as well as UnionFS support not being in newer kernels. It should be possible to overcome each of these things with some effort and investment, and it's a requirement for keeping the EdgeOS platform relevant.


This request originally came about because of an effort to include the Cake shaper, which would bring a real improvement for control of latency under load as compared to the currently shipped fq_codel. Cake has been compiled for EdgeOS, but is very difficult to keep backported to the 3.10 series:




However, a newer kernel is also necessary to maintain a secure, stable and performant platform in general. The 4.4 kernel series has a projected long-term EOL of Feb, 2022, and thus might be a good minimum version to target.

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EdgeOS 2.0 is based on a 4.X kernel.  I don't recall what version the Cavium SDK currently supports (there was a thread with links to that and some discussion awhile back, but I didn't bookmark it).

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Meaning, EdgeOS 2.0 will include a 4.4 or later kernel, or it should?

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"We have new SDK from Mediatek for ER-X, but it supports ony 4.4+ kernel. We plan to switch to new kernel + new SDK in 2.0.0 release"






Looks like that's a will include 4.4+ - I don't believe they'd release a very different kernel for different platforms.



EDIT: he followed up with "yes, Cavium-based routers will also get new kernel"

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That sounds great, so hopefully it's an easy request to accept. Thanks for the info... Man Happy


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Looks like EdgeOS 2.0 will include 4.9 kernel (and Jessie userland)!

[dd. 2017/10] based on:

Release notes for Octeon Linux SDK 5.1.0 (build 52)

- Updated Linux kernel to 4.9.57

- Added OcteonII and OcteonIII SOC support.

- Upgraded all packages to latest version.


EDIT: [dd. 2018/05] confirmed '.... migrating to 4.9 kernel and Debian Jessie.'

alpha-1 => https://community.ubnt.com/t5/EdgeMAX-Beta-Blog/New-EdgeRouter-firmware-2-0-0-alpha-1-has-been-relea...