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Customized factory default config

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For MSP (Managed Service Providers) I'd love to see option for customizing factory default config.

Currently after factory reset / config shipped with the firmware is applied. Unfortunately, some customers love to push buttons and reset devices to factory defaults when they encounter any problem. Having a customized factory config would restore router to MSP pre-sets and bing it back to life.


One quite easy solution is to let the MSP create  / and during factory reset router will check if it exists and apply it instead of /opt/vyatta/etc/config.boot.default (as a fail-safe there can be a counter that this can be done only twice and then /opt/vyatta/etc/config.boot.default will be applied on third try).

QinQ VLANs - IEEE 802.1ad

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Requesting the addition of QinQing per IEEE 802.1ad to the edgeswitch line. This is a crucial feature for service providers and would be very helpful with GPON deployments. 

SSH Client

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Please add an SSH Client to the edgemax line.



Edgepoint S16 + DHCP snooping & Option 82

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We scour ebay for CISCO 3560G'S and Juniper 3300 routers. We use dozens at a time. We'd love to use a product like the 

Edgepoint S16 - except you don't support DHCP snooping and option 82.


Come on Ubiquiti, get your act together and support the same feature set every other major equipment vendor supports!



EdgeSwitch dot1x control-direction

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Hi all,


I would really like to have the feature to set the dot1x control-direction to in only, so I can use dot1x for some devices which go to sleep after a certain time of not using them (e.g Soundcraft UI16 audio mixer).


Best Regards


Point to Multipoint GRE Tunnels

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I've been working with the Edgemax the last couple weeks to port into our network plans and ran into an issue early on with support for the very basic "Hub & Spoke" network design which relies in my application, on multipoint GRE tunnels.  We utilize OSPF to handle routing across the network and having to configure 50,100,200 independent point to point tunnels is a huge negative to that design.  I'm intrigued at the idea of being able to utilize the Edgemax as a replacement for the Cisco 28xx router series which does allow me the point to multipoint tunnels.


Thank you for your time.   

Transition new systems and wizards to upnp2 vs upnp

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  The existing wizard enables upnp.  The linux-igd project has basically been abandoned and had no real activity for 10 years.  It does not support newer protocols, and is much heavier weight.


  There are a fairly large number of questions (search for upnp in these very forums), and updating the wizard to use the upnp2 implementation which is already present would resolve these issues.


  Additionally, a checkmark in the setup wizard should also enable upnp2 as desired during the basic setup wizard.  It already asks about NAT, and in many cases, end user/SOHO may want this functionality enabled when NAT is also enabled (VoIP, etc).

BGP peerings with link local ipv6 adresses

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currently this feature is not supported.


Please add it in a future release. This would made a peering easy and simple. (Adresses would be assigned automaticaly by the interfaces). Last step(s) required is setup of the BGP peering and the configuration of those.


First tested and confirmed here.