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2 weeks ago
An Englishman's Network



I have become a bit of an Ubiquiti fan but my network is modest when compared to those I see on here.  But here it is, half hidden by its location in the top of a cupboard.




From the top of my 9U rack we have:

- 1U of Adam Hall RGB LED light / vent space

- EdgeRouter 8

- 1U vent

- EdgeSwitch 24 Lite

- Excel 24 patch-panel (straight through type)

- 4U vent covering Synology NAS and EdgeRouter Lite 3 (cold spare)


Adding a rack light has been a godsend as the cupboard is otherwise unlit.  The light offers a choice of colours, for reasons that escape me... such as the blood red look:




As is the way with married life the network cupboad is (apparently) the wife's handbag store:




The network has wired ethernet to a few rooms (16 ports total) and 4 wifi APs serving a brace of domestic and work systems.  I've been meaning to tidy-up the patch cables and purchased replacements a while back but good intentions have not seen them magic their way out of the packaging.


Still rather envious of some of the setups seen on this forum but very happy with my Ubiquiti kit.


Regards from the UK.




by Ubiquiti Employee
2 weeks ago

Nice setup! Any plans for expansion?

2 weeks ago

I like your right-angled patch cables - nice touch! I have not seen then before, but they look like a good solution for equipment with Ethernet ports spaced slightly wider apart. 

2 weeks ago

My Airport Extremes (acting as APs) will be changed out at some point for Ubiquiti APs, but I'm in no hurry as the Apple kit is refreshingly rock-solid.  Adding IP cameras is probably my next move.  


I'd also like to swap the ER-8 for an ER-4 or 6 as the lower power/heat and zero fans is appealing.


Of course, if you were talking about expanding the handbag collection....



2 weeks ago

alex_cambui wrote:


I like your right-angled patch cables - nice touch! 

Good spot.  I've been meaning to reconfigure the ER-8 to use the ports on the right-hand side for WAN/LAN to shorten the cable run, along with shortening the cable itself.