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Sharing my home network/lab

I've seen a lot of really nice networks in this forum - everything from the basic router and switch to home networks that are out of this world so I figure that I would share my small home lab/network. I got in to Ubiquiti about a year ago with an ER Lite and moved to an ER-X for the increased smart-queueing performance above 100Mbps. It's not the most elegant home network, but it's what I can get away with being a college student living in an apartment. Oh, and don't worry about things breathing, I only close the closet doors when the complex does their walkthrough every 6 months :-). The network does have a handful of vlans for segmentation and to prevent potential infected devices from hopping around the entire network. I find myself wishing that Ubiquiti would sell a virtual router so I could have everything virtualized on one box (have I mentioned that I love smart-queueing?), So I'm currently running a VyOS router (for my internal network/dmz/firewall) and a few other things on vmware. This setup has helped me earn pretty much all of my certifications and it's well on the way to helping me towards my Cisco CCNP.

Ubiquiti Equipment:
ER-X as an Internet connection aggregator and edge router/firewall 



- 2x netgear CM600's for my cable ISP and a Verizon Mifi for failover.
- Cisco 3560g (until I can save up for a 48-port EdgeSwitch Light)

- MoCA adapter for getting hardwire data to other rooms
- 3 x Dell R210ii

- 1x Dell R710

- A couple of WD Cloud NAS things. Definitely not shared to their cloud though.

- Some smart home stuff.
- Misc other stuff here and throughout the apartment.




I tried to include everything so any questions would be answered. I am notorious for not reading my email as often as I should and replying to people days later. That being said if anyone out there has questions, just ask and I'll spill the beans.

on ‎05-16-2017 08:32 PM
Sweet setup man! Love to see it in person sometime Man Happy
on ‎07-19-2017 12:50 AM

Nice and clean - I had started a rewire of my setup until my cancer has returned...


Its high on my todo list, but since my wife let me build an AV/Server closet in the new house its out of sight which makes it harder to go do.