EdgeMAX EdgeSwitch software release v1.0.1

by Previous Employee UBNT-ancheng ‎11-19-2014 04:49 PM - edited ‎11-20-2014 09:06 AM

New EdgeMAX software version v1.0.1 for EdgeSwitch products has been released and is available from our downloads page!
(Please select the "EdgeSwitch" product group and correct model on the page to get the corresponding upgrade image.)


EDIT: If you have questions on how to upgrade, there is a HOW-TO here (thanks @amishgenius !).


This release provides various enhancements and fixes, including tweaks to fan speed control algorithms (to reduce noise level), SFP port compatibility improvements, addition of link status check before enabling 24V passive PoE output, and more (details can be seen in the release notes below).


Most of these changes are based on feedback from community members, both our "alpha" testers who tested our earlier prototypes and also early adopters who have been using the production units, including @mrjester  @Paetur  @NVX  @esseph  @Blooze  @mhoppes  @Magician  @JerryUbi  @keefe007  @amishgenius  @mauriciciopo  @CodyLoco  @alan87i  @DrDiesel  @LLigetfa  @BadSector  @fromport  @Sirhc  @dmbaturin  @haydio  @mlevings  @koffik  @marnog  @Zerofail  @seffertz  @cgoudie  @Bigfoot  @timber  @nikolai_nz  @mbnn  @SHW0FF  @dbmillar  @polygnwnd  @luken  @chaicka  @psydafke @ccentala @dison4linux @punk @WisTech @cknauer 


Thank you all for your help, and we know we still have a long TODO list based on your feedback and will keep working on those to improve the products of course!


[Release Notes v1.0.1]




Changes since v1.0.0


Enhancements and bug fixes


  • [Interface] Improve compatibility of SFP ports. This should resolve some previous cases where the link partner needs to be hard-coded to 1G and disable auto-negotiation. (Note that this does not apply to SFP+ ports.)
  • [PoE] Add link status check before enabling 24V passive PoE output. Enabling 24V passive output will not be allowed if the link is already up.
  • [System] Update fan speed control algorithms to reduce the fan speed under normal operating conditions, i.e., increase threshold for going to a higher fan speed.
  • [System] Add UBNT discovery support so that EdgeSwitch devices can be discovered by for example an EdgeRouter device.
  • [System] Add fan speed level display in "show environment" command output
  • [System] Increase length limit of username and password to 64 characters for email server configuration
  • [System] Change fan speed update interval from ten minutes to five minutes
  • [Web UI] Fix VLAN routing configuration. VLAN routing can now be enabled on "Switching > VLAN > Status" page.
  • [Web UI] Add port description display on the "PoE > PoE Configuration" page
  • [Web UI] Fix "Switching->VLAN->Port Summary" and "Switching->VLAN->Port Configuration" pages where default values were always shown.
  • [Web UI] Add display of device temperature (summary of measurements for all sensors) on Dashboard.
  • [Web UI] Fix "Clear Counters" button on "System > Statistics > System > Port Summary" page.
  • [Web UI] Fix cable test status display.
  • [Web UI] Fix display and button issues for "Security > Port Access Control > Port Summary" and "Security > Port Access Control > Port Details" pages.
  • [Web UI] Fix CPU utilization report on "System > Status > Resource Status" page.
  • [Web UI] Fix text display on "System > AAA > Authentication List" page.
  • [Web UI] Fix navigation links with three layers in menu
  • [Web UI] Fix stats sorting in "Port Summary Statistics" table
  • [Web UI] Change PoE auto mode display from "54V" to "PoE+" to avoid confusion
  • [Web UI] Fix setting port VLAN ID on "Switching > VLAN > Port Summary" page
  • [Web UI] Change terminology for clarity:
    • "System > Utilities > System Reset" changed to "System > Utilities > Restart Switch"
    • "System > Configuration Storage > Reset" changed to "System > Configuration Storage > Clear Running Config"