EdgeMAX EdgeSwitch software release v1.1.2

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New EdgeMAX software version v1.1.2 for EdgeSwitch products (all current models ES-48-750W, ES-48-500W, ES-24-500W, and ES-24-250W) has been released and is available on our downloads page!




(Please select the "EdgeSwitch" product group and model to get the corresponding upgrade image.)


This release adds quite a few enhancements/fixes, including a new "VLAN wizard" in the Web UI that should significantly simplify basic VLAN configurations. More details can be found in the release notes below. As noted, most of the changes are based on reports and suggestions from community members, so thanks everyone for your participation and contributions!


(If you have questions on how to upgrade, there is a HOWTO here.)



[Release Notes v1.1.2]




Changes since v1.0.1


New feature


  • [Web UI] Add new VLAN wizard for setting up simple VLAN configurations:

    As can be see in the screenshot, when a VLAN is added in the wizard, it shows the VLAN configuration for all the ports graphically (default is "exclude" for all ports). One can then use the "Apply to All Ports" buttons on the right to change the configuration for all ports at once, and/or click on an individual port to change between "T" (tagged), "U" (untagged), and "E" (exclude).

    Note that the "O" (other) status means that the particular port/VLAN was configured outside the VLAN wizard page (e.g., CLI or other Web UI pages) and the resulting configuration does not correspond to any one of "T", "U", and "E".


Enhancements and bug fixes


  • [DHCP server] Increase maximum number of pools to 128. Discussed with @sirket @Verilan  here.
  • [DHCP server] Increase maximum number of leases (total) to 2048. Discussed with @Verilan @utilis  here.
  • [DHCP relay] Fix DHCP relay packet checksum issue. Reported by and discussed with @NVX  @subseven-group @sherriff83 @brettlehrer @jobeobe , for example here.
  • [System] Allow default "ubnt" user account to be suspended or removed (if another admin account exists). Discussed with community members including @Paetur @Blooze @mhoppes @mrjester @telmateXmen @whowe82 @suge @psydafke , for example here.
  • [System] Fix round-trip time display of "ping" command
  • [System] Add configurable setting for requiring authentication for entering "enable" mode:
    aaa authentication enable enableList enable local
    When this is configured, entering "enable" mode requires the password, and level-1 user is not allowed to go into enable mode. Discussed with @JerryUbi 
  • [ACL] Fix inbound ACL configuration error for logging rules. Reported by @UBNT-Bane .
  • [STP] Fix CLI issue to make the "bpduguard", "bpdufilter", "bpduflood", "guard root", "guard loop", and "tcnguard" commands available. Reported by @twilley here.
  • [Web UI] Fix validation for SNMP location input (e.g., comma can now be used)
  • [Web UI] Fix handling of negative temperature on Dashboard. Reported by @DrDiesel here.
  • [Web UI] Fix "reversed" IP address display on "Switching > DHCP Snooping > Base > Dynamic Bindings" and "Switching > IGMP Snooping Querier > VLAN Status" pages. Reported by @paszczus @beone here.
  • [Web UI] Fix password handling to allow space character in password. Reported by @paszczus  here.
  • [Web UI] Fix navigation menu position after resizing browser window. Reported by @JerryUbi 
  • [Web UI] Add port description to mouse-over text for VLAN wizard and the ports display. Suggested by @Blooze @wispr @NVX @paszczus  here.
  • [Web UI] Fix issue with creating 100 VLANs in one batch using the VLAN wizard. Reported by @Ernani  here.
  • [Web UI] Implement HTTP file "upload" function on the "System > Utilities > Transfer" page. Note that with the terminology on the page, "upload" means transfering a file "from" the device. We will update the page to use more intuitive terminology. Discussed with @esseph @waheuler  here.
  • [Web UI] Fix UI page scrolling issues with Firefox browser. Discussed with @JerryUbi 
  • [Web UI] Fix formatting of mouse-over text for VLAN wizard
  • [Web UI] Fix value validation for key string on "Security > TACACS+ &ht; Configuration" to allow special characters. Reported by @ekisbey here.
  • [Web UI] Fix dashboard log display to show most recent entries
  • [Web UI] Fix overly restrictive validation for host/domain name fields (for example on "System > Advanced Configuration > DHCP Server > Pool Options" and "System > Advanced Configuration > SNTP > Server Configuration" pages). Reported by and discussed with @SDLSTJO-US @Blooze @rps @jabley @psydafke  here.
  • [Web UI] Add interface description column to "Switching > VLAN > Port Configuration" and "Switching > VLAN > Port Summary" page for convenience. Suggested by and discussed with @RavenWing71 @esseph @wispr  here.
  • [Web UI] Remove unneeded "Admin Mode" column on "Switching > IGMP Snooping > VLAN Status" page. Discussed with @paszczus  here.
  • [Web UI] Fix validation for time zone offset setting. Reported by @wispr  here.
  • [Web UI] Add help page for VLAN wizard
  • [Web UI] Fix host name length validation (should not be limited to 63 characters) for syslog server, SNTP server, and email server. Reported by @wispr  here.
  • [Web UI] Fix VLAN wizard freezing issue when private VLAN is configured.
  • [Web UI] Add SFP module information to mouse-over text for SFP ports in the ports display. Suggested by @boydsoftprez  here.
  • [Web UI] Allow dash ("-") character in SNTP server name. Reported by @punk  here.
  • [Web UI] Clarify "upload"/"download" terminology to make it more intuitive. "Upload" now means "uploading to the switch" (e.g., config, firmware image, etc.), and "download" now means "downloading from the switch". Combined with the enhancements in the previous alpha release, now the "System > Utilities > Transfer" page supports for example downloading the existing startup config from the switch or uploading a new startup config to the switch using the browser directly. Discussed with @esseph @waheuler  here.
  • [Web UI] Fix SNTP time display on "System > Summary > Description" page
  • [Web UI] Fix username validation on "System > Advanced Configuration > Email Alerts > Server" to allow "@" character. Reported by @final @alan87i  here.
  • [Web UI] Clean up "restart" vs. "reset" wording in more places as suggested by @alan87i  here.
  • [Web UI] Fix backend issue with "Routing > IP > Interface Summary" page
  • [CLI/Web UI] Clarify "show environment" command output. Now the command will show individual sensors' readings and an overall status (normal or overheat). Also change the Web UI temperature to display the status (instead of a single temperature, which could be misleading). Discussed with @Blooze @CodyLoco @DrDiesel @ClaudeSS @JerryUbi @alan87i .
  • [CLI] Add "username <name> level <level>" configuration command to allow setting the user level without also setting the password. Suggested by @UBNT-Bane .
  • [CLI] Add support for some basic operational "show" commands in "user mode", including:
    show clock ...
    show environment
    show eventlog
    show fiber-ports ...
    show sysinfo
    show version
  • [CLI] Add "exit" command in "user mode" (without "enable") for consistency (previously only "quit" is available)
  • [CLI] Add "show mac-addr-table <macaddr> <vlan-list>" command to allow filtering with VLAN for a particular MAC address.
  • [CLI] Improve formatting of "show bootvar" command output. Discussed with @JerryUbi .