EdgeMAX EdgeSwitch software release v1.7.4

by Ubiquiti Employee ‎04-09-2018 03:43 AM - edited ‎07-03-2018 07:29 PM

New software release for EdgeSwitch (all current models) is available here:

EdgeSwitch 1G switch models: ES-48-750W, ES-48-500W, ES-24-500W, ES-24-250W, ES-48-Lite, ES-24-Lite, ES-16-150W, ES-12F, ES-8-150W, EP-S16.

(SHA1: e5f0847a441e94ce2807c01ed4dc6c893b39b06e) (GPL archive)

Mib files: 


(SHA1: d7567b7659edfcfd0106db2834a7a26aa4791d18)


EdgeSwitch 10G switch model: ES-16-XG

(SHA1: 9f79ab23c9f537e2607592ae7d665080dc1c094d) (GPL archive)

Mib files: 


(SHA1: 9d8cb1b43f33cded5d00685a96b021b313c54caa)


[Release Notes v1.7.4]


Changes since v1.7.3


New features


[Simple GUI]

Added brand new simple web-interface design to provide a better experience using the Graphical User Interface (GUI). It provides an intuitive, faster way to configure and display the status of EdgeSwitches.


Note: The change to simple GUI will be applied directly and the old GUI is still useable.



Image 0.pngLoginImage 1.pngDashboardImage 2.pngVlansImage 3.pngSystem SettingsImage 4.pngTools


[Client Info]

Add new feature client information, this feature tries to collect the client information like MAC address, IP address(IPv4) and Hostname in EdgeSwitch.

show client information commands.
  show client-info [all|<macaddr>|config|interface <slot/port>|vlan <vlad-id>]


VLAN-ID MAC Address       Intf  Hostname                IP Address
------- ----------------- ----- ----------------------- -----------------------
1       00:E0:4C:XX:XX:XX 0/37  KXXXX-NB     
1       04:18:D6:XX:XX:XX 0/37               
1       04:18:D6:XX:XX:XX 0/37
1       04:18:D6:XX:XX:XX 0/37               
1       24:A4:3C:XX:XX:XX 0/37
1       3C:97:0E:XX:XX:XX 0/37               
1       D8:CB:8A:XX:XX:XX 0/37  KXXXX-PC-K280


Enable/disable global config command.
  [no] client-info


Clear client-information table command.
  clear client-info



  System > Client Information


Default config changes

  These configurations may not be migrated when updating from previous firmwares.


  Enable default HTTPS server with high priority.


  Enable SSH and disable default telnet server.



Bug fixes and enhancements

  • [SYSTEM] adjust the display method for CPU utilization.
  • [SYSTEM] fine tune SFP+ tx parameters in ES48/EP-S16.
  • [SYSTEM][HTTP/HTTPS] fix hard timeout.
  • [SYSTEM] add throughput statistics.
  • [SYSTEM][Auto-Detect] optimize and fix issue when insert modules.
  • [SYSTEM][ESGH] enable 2.5G and support Aquantia 2.5G SFP+/RJ-45 transceiver.
  • [SYSTEM] fix process in auto-install.
  • [CLI] update CLI banner.
  • [CLI] allow specific characters in port description.
  • [CLI] remove limititation of speed change on LAG ports.
  • [CLI] fix secure-protocol running-config.
  • [CLI] add hint advertise when enable auto-voip oui.
  • [CLI] fix show issue in "show logging traplogs".
  • [LAG] extend maximum LAG number to 32.
  • [LAG] set LAG mode to dynamic (LACP) as default.
  • [LAG] fix config and change WebUI and CLI.
  • [PoE] add reminder when enabling passive PoE by WebUI/CLI.
  • [PoE][PingWatchDog] fix some lock in some special case.
  • [SECURITY] fix some security issues in WebUI.
  • [SECURITY] fix some security issues in CLI.
  • [DOT1X] fix some updating problem when MAC migrate.
  • [IGMP] extern IGMP group membership interval to 65535.
  • [ROUTING] extend L3 ARP table size (ESWH: 493, ESGH: 749).
  • [UNMS] fix some file lock in UNMS configuration.
  • [DHCPv6 Snooping] fix issues in parser.
  • [IGMP Snooping] fix DHCPv6 problems with "igmp snooping" in MacOS (with MLD).
  • [MLD] Enable MLD snooping (CLI).
  • [WEBUI] adjust for new UI.
  • [DOT1X] Add NAS-IP Address attribute in radius packet.