EdgeMAX EdgeSwitch software release v1.8.0

by Ubiquiti Employee on ‎07-18-2018 09:02 PM - last edited on ‎07-19-2018 10:34 AM by Ubiquiti Employee

New software release for EdgeSwitch (all current models) is available here:

EdgeSwitch 1G switch models: ES-48-750W, ES-48-500W, ES-24-500W, ES-24-250W, ES-48-Lite, ES-24-Lite, ES-16-150W, ES-12F,ES-8-150W, EP-S16.

(SHA1: de571c04b5db8920eee0d84be5ebabf0ec42026e) (GPL archive)

Mib files: 


(SHA1: fa50cedd9bbc7bfb0a4a53f2b69514e1d26a05ee)


EdgeSwitch 10G switch model: ES-16-XG

(SHA1: 1ffb22782d5a2d98fc7822ccd6e58c9d7a1b802b) (GPL archive)

Mib files: 


(SHA1: 34d91a23e7720687f457cc11bc72387653fbe724)




[Release Notes v1.8.0]


Changes since v1.7.4


New features


[MAC/IP Sniffer]

This feature sniffers specific mac-address or ip-address in switch and send these packets (in TZSP format) to remote server. This looks a good tool for network diagnostic or debug in Layer 2 (MAC) or Layer 3 (IP).



Start or stop the mechanism to send packets to remote server.

  capture sniffer [start|stop]


Configure the filters (mac/ip) and the ip address of remote server.
  [no] capture sniffer [filter-ip <ipaddr>|filter-mac <macaddr>|streaming-server <ipaddr>]


Display the status of sniffer in capture.

  show capture sniffer


(ES) #show capture sniffer

Sniffer streaming status....................... Enabled
Streaming server............................... 192.168.x.xxx
Filter Mac..................................... 04:18:D6:XX:XX:XX
Filter IP...................................... None

(ES) #



Wireshark filter:

On the remote side, we can use wireshark to display the flow by the filter.


udp.port==37008  (udp port 37008)



[LACP Auto Fallback]

This feature allows some network traffic before LACP intervenes.

e.q. For PXE service, it needs some bootstrap network (maintenance) before LACP link (service) is up.



[OUI-based Vlan]

This feature extends the scope of mac-based vlan and makes it easier for configuration.



Add/remove the entry by the OUI prefix

  [no] vlan association oui <oui-prefix>


Display the status of OUI-Based Vlan

  show vlan association oui


(ES) (Vlan)#show vlan association oui

---------  -----------
00:01:02   2

(ES) (Vlan)#



  Switching > MAC Based VLAN > OUI Table


Default config change


  Enable TX/RX on all interface. Force enable TX/RX mode on all interface when UNMS is enabled.


Bug fixes and enhancements

  • [LLDP] enable tx/rx when UNMS enable.
  • [LLDP] change sub-type to local in lldp port id.
  • [LLDP] enable tx/rx in default config.
  • [LLDP] remove med admin mode.
  • [LLDP] set all types at once in "lldp transmit-tlv".
  • [LLDP] add all commands for lldp.
  • [DHCP_RELAY] add dhcp relay option82.
  • [MIRROR] fix wrong behavior in config.
  • [VLAN] fix some mismatch behavior when system bootup.
  • [WebUI] Character Support Regression for SNMP Contact / Sysname / Location.
  • [RADIUS] fix issue with some EAP.
  • [SYSTEM] remove SDM config.
  • [SYSTEM] enhance tech-support (poe/arp/stp/fiber-info).
  • [SYSTEM] update version format.
  • [SYSTEM] fix issues in auto-detect.
  • [SYSTEM] update ubnt discovery.
  • [SYSTEM] fix wrong behavior with UF-RJ45-1G.
  • [SYSTEM] add password recovery mode.
  • [SYSTEM] Speed up boot time in bootloader.
  • [SYSTEM] change LED/Reset button behavior and speed up boot time.
    ===== Bootloader 1.1.0 =====
    Events System LED
    Initial power-up Blue
    Bootloader fails to find image Rapid Flashing White/Off
    Factory Reset Press reset button > 5s.

    ===== FW 1.8.0 =====
    Events System LED
    System Booting
    Flashing White/Off
    System Ready
    without UNMS connected White
    with UNMS connected Blue
    UNMS configured but not connect
    Blue/once in every 5 seconds turns off/on
    Fast Flashing Blue/Off
    Firmware upgrading
    Flashing Blue/White
    System Reset
    Press reset button > 2s.
  • [UNMS] keep UNMS key in system backup.
  • [UNMS] extend statistics with new fields.
  • [UNMS] fix reloading of UNMS key.
  • [NewGUI] fine tune the vlan sets.
  • [NewGUI] fix port description renaming with specific setting.
  • [NewGUI] fix no response, freezing and restart issues.
  • [NewGUI] update to v0.2.4.
  • [SECURITY] fix some security issues in WebUI.
  • [STP] enhance show commands in spanning-tree.
  • [POE] fix powering issue with some external factor.
  • [LOG] remove some script messages.