EdgeMAX EdgeSwitch software release v1.8.2

by Ubiquiti Employee a week ago - last edited Tuesday

New software release for EdgeSwitch (all current models) is available here:

EdgeSwitch 1G switch models: ES-48-750W, ES-48-500W, ES-24-500W, ES-24-250W, ES-48-Lite, ES-24-Lite, ES-16-150W, ES-12F,ES-8-150W, EP-S16.

Normal version:

(SHA1: b1f66416276ef7de9abd5d2c50fa79b75d1bfe49(GPL archive)

LITE version:


(SHA1: 47c11f3ce06d77e450a480877e06d2e72a6c6192)

Mib files: 


(SHA1: 85b3acb15923b94f25bc965a98f72d24a4dac1f1)



EdgeSwitch 10G switch model: ES-16-XG

Normal version:

(SHA1: 4aa6412e4736e9a1314700af3c7d05c61500d20b(GPL archive)

LITE version:

(SHA1: 0e627ec330e3ec38feca97a2564be701f40ae246)

Mib files: 


(SHA1: cb726e10689de0004d08ccc6d26beeec5a9f3f60)



[Release Notes v1.8.2]

We have new release 1.8.2 from maintenance branch. Below are some release notes that you should be aware of:

  1. Lite version
    This time, we have new favorite firmware with postfix "Lite". It reduces the maximum VLAN size from 4093 to 255 and the memory utilization will be lower than the normal version. If you have no requirement for 255 and more VLANs, you might consider the "Lite" firmware.
    P.S. Please check your configuration before you update to the Lite firmware version. VLAN configuration will be lost if there are more than 255 defined VLANs.

  2. Memory re-tuning

    This firmware will check for a new flag during the system boot process. The device will reboot again and perform memory re-tuning when the flag does not exist. That means that the system will reboot one more time if you are first launching this firmware on the unit.

    P.S. Memory re-tuning might takes about ~5-10 minutes on some units. If your EdgeSwitch does not respond after 10 minutes, please power cycle the unit manually.




Changes since v1.8.1



Bug fixes and enhancements

  • [VLAN] reduce maximum VLAN number from 4093 to 255 (Only in Lite version).
  • [SECURITY] fix some issues in the Legacy UI.
  • [SECURITY] fix injection issue in CLI command.
  • [SYSTEM][ESWH] improve system stability.
  • [SYSTEM][ESWH] improve compatibility with SFP+ module (UF-SM-10G-S).
  • [SYSTEM] fix bugs with some specific cases in config checker.
  • [SYSTEM] fix time range multi entries issue.
  • [SYSTEM] add CLI command 'show mbuf detail'.
  • [SYSTEM] add check for memory tuning.
  • [SYSTEM] reduce the memory usage in firmware upgrade.
  • [DHCP_RELAY] check invalid VLAN value.
  • [DNS] synchronize the static ip-host in system.
  • [CLI][Legacy UI] update copyright for 2019.