EdgeMax software release v1.1.0

by Previous Employee UBNT-ancheng ‎03-15-2013 05:28 PM - edited ‎03-18-2013 09:00 AM

EdgeMax software release v1.1.0 for EdgeRouter Lite is now available from our downloads page: http://www.ubnt.com/download#EdgeRouter:Lite.

[Release Notes v1.1.0]

Changes since v1.0.2

New features


  • [Routing] Add basic policy-based routing (PBR) support
  • [System] Add "runtime reset to factory defaults" feature
  • [Interface] Add support for manual speed/duplex settings
  • [Web UI] Add configuration for PPPoE server with RADIUS authentication


Bug fixes


  • [DHCP] Support DHCP server parameters with double-quote characters
  • [DHCP] Fix DHCPv6 server response to include DNS server
  • [DHCP] Fix "restart dhcpv6 server" command
  • [DHCP] Fix "renew dhcpv6" command with "dhcpv6-options"
  • [DHCP] Fix "dhcpv6-options" configuration for interfaces
  • [Firewall] Fix "show firewall statistics" for "modify"
  • [Firewall] Fix firewall statistics for tcp_udp rules
  • [Firewall] Reduce default conntrack TCP established timeout to 2 hours
  • [Firewall] Disallow "pmtu" option for MSS clamping
  • [Firewall] Disallow negation of protocol IP in firewall rules
  • [Firewall] Add firewall settings for pseudo-ethernet interfaces
  • [QoS] Fix mark-probability setting for RED policy
  • [Routing] Fix handling of PBR rule commit failure
  • [SNMP] Change uptime calculation to use monotonic time
  • [System] Fix "show system login users" command
  • [System] Fix "system ipv6 disable-forwarding" setting
  • [System] Add configuration setting for enabling/disabling IPsec offload
  • [System] Restrict console settings to supported ones
  • [System] Fix permission issue when configuring NTP
  • [VPN] Fix display for L2TP/IPsec remote sessions
  • [Web UI] Fix port validation for firewall port group and NAT translation
  • [Web UI] Fix static DHCP mapping deletion
  • [Web UI] Fix interface config with DHCP and IPv6 settings
  • [Web UI] Fix handling of firewall rule save error
  • [Web UI] Fix firewall group description setting
  • [Web UI] Fix deleting firewall state from rule
  • [Web UI] Fix missing PPPoE tooltips
  • [Web UI] Fix system gateway setting
  • [Web UI] Support loading raw config files using "restore config"
  • [Web UI] Remove USB port from header graphics
  • [Web UI] Provide informative message when IE is used without Flash
  • [Web UI] Disallow using target name as firewall ruleset name
  • [Web UI] Add product name to the UI
  • [Web UI] Improve validation of NAT rule parameters

Updated software components

  • Update ipp2p to version 0.10
  • Update lighttpd to version 1.4.32, Fix CVE-2012-5533, CVE-2011-3389, CVE-2012-4929
  • Update openvpn to version 2.2.1-3~bpo60+1
  • Update php: Fix CVE-2013-1635, CVE-2013-1643
  • Update pppoe to version 3.11
  • Update rng-tools to version 4


Debian updates

  • Update to Debian 6.0.7 point release
  • Update bind9 to 1:9.7.3.dfsg-1~squeeze9
  • Update dbus to 1.2.24-4+squeeze2: Fix CVE-2012-3524
  • Update gnupg to 1.4.10-4+squeeze1: Fix CVE-2012-6085
  • Update libupnp4 to 1.8.0~svn20100507-1+squeeze1: Fix CVE-2012-5958, CVE-2012-5959, CVE-2012-5960, CVE-2012-5961, CVE-2012-5962, CVE-2012-5963, CVE-2012-5964, CVE-2012-5965
  • Update libxml2 to 2.7.8.dfsg-2+squeeze6: Fix CVE-2012-5134
  • Update openldap to 2.4.23-7.3
  • Update openssh to 1:5.5p1-6+squeeze3: Fix CVE-2010-5107
  • Update openssl to 0.9.8o-4squeeze14: Fix CVE-2013-0166, CVE-2013-0169
  • Update perl to 5.10.1-17squeeze6: Fix CVE-2012-6329, CVE-2012-5195, CVE-2012-5526, CVE-2013-1667
  • Update squid3 to 3.1.6-1.2+squeeze3: Fix CVE-2012-5643, CVE-2013-0189
  • Update sudo to 1.7.4p4-2.squeeze.4: Fix CVE-2013-1775, CVE-2013-1776
  • Update tzdata to 2012g-0squeeze1