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Edgerouter ER X SFP Vlan question

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Hello all,


Very new to Ubiquiti equipment so I have a question about a  possible setup.  We are looking to use an ER X SFP in the following scenario:


e0 - Static public IP from ISP.

e1 - LAN with only 1 PC (hosting screenconnect so will need ports forwarded)

e2 - Unifi AP lite with internal wifi (on diff vlan from e1) and guest wifi (open wifi with limited bandwidth, on 3rd vlan)


Vlans need to be separate with no connectivity to each other, only to e0 for internet access.

Attached is a basic diagram in paint of what I envisioned.  Is this doable on the ERXsfp without using an extra switch, only the ports in the ERXsfp itself? 

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Edgerouter ER X SFP Vlan question

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This is a classic usecase for any Edgerouter and is perfectly doable.


The base config can be done with The wan2lan wizard.  You Will nede to tweak The firewall rules and add virtuel interfaces (vlan) for you wifi.


There are many tutorials out there how to do the config. I recomend  the Crosstalks solutions or Willi Howe youtube channels.


Good Luck

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Re: Edgerouter ER X SFP Vlan question

I also recommend:


-- Pete