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QoS limitations - what to look for in a product?

I have an ERLite-3. I've had it about 6 months. Originally I got it to combat the "bufferbloat" issue which comes from having a large family with many devices.


We have 100/20 business internet service, but as I'm now well aware, you can't use the smart queue features (or any kind of queue features) to rate limit a 100 mbit connection with an ERLite-3. If I add a queue limited at 80mbit, the performance actually drops to 40mbit. The device simply can't keep up.


My question to the smart people here is: where is this limitation spelled out in the product datasheets? I am looking at ordering an ER-4, but I don't know how to confirm this will actually work with my internet connection. What if I upgrade to a 200mbit account? How can I know which product will actually be able to handle my internet connection? I didn't think that it would be that much of a problem for dedicated devices like this.


Relevant links:


ER-4 datasheet: https://www.ubnt.com/downloads/datasheets/edgemax/EdgeRouter_ER-4_DS.pdf

ERLite-3 datasheet: https://dl.ubnt.com/datasheets/edgemax/EdgeRouter_DS.pdf

Another thread detailing the issue: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/EdgeMAX/EdgeRouter-ERLite-3-Smart-QoS-Limits-Bandwidth-more-than/m-p/1...


Thanks for your time!

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Re: QoS limitations - what to look for in a product?

It isn't in the datasheet.  The EdgeOS manual has some max BW QoS figures, but they're quite optimistic .


Also, on Cisco, this data is also not spelled out in datasheet  (at least on gen1 routers like 1841)


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Re: QoS limitations - what to look for in a product?

hi i have an EdgeRouter Pro and its limit is about 300 Mbps Total Throughput so 150/150


but the ER-4 as the same clockspeed with double the cores so i would expect at least a 250/250 Man Wink


i might be wrong tho ...

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Re: QoS limitations - what to look for in a product?

I use an ER-X on a 200/10 xfinity residential account and get 170/10 using a tuned smart queue on both upload and download.  i get A's on bufferbloat.