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Concerned about -48 DC from ISP and EdgePower

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Locating in ISPs shed located under their tower. Plan is to use EdgePower connected to EP-S16 which will then be connected to an AF24 and another AF5X at the top of the tower.


My concern is I am getting up to 10 Amp -48 DC from the ISP which if I understand correctly goes to a EdgePower EP-54V-150W-DC power supply. Now the Telco says -48 VDC and the datasheet says 22-60 VDC. Is the -48 DC a problem ? Is it just a matter of getting their power on the right pins or is something altogether different ? Apologies for my ignorance of DC. The EdgePower PS seems to have a different pin configuration then say a Cisco Switch that takes 48 VDC.


In the past I have used a rack converter to take their power and convert to 110 AC and power my equipment but in this scenario I was considering only using 1U in the shed with the EdgePower and my switch will be up top with the radios. Is this viable or a bad idea ?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Concerned about -48 DC from ISP and EdgePower

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Re: Concerned about -48 DC from ISP and EdgePower

This is the same setup as I use.  Virtually all my site gear runs on -48V. The Ubiquiti radios (AF11, AF24) needs +48V. Since, the input to output of the EdgePower device is isolated, it converts -48V to +48V so connect the -48V to the rectifier module and the output will be the +48V you need.


I hope this helps.